There’s nothing quite like the roar of a race car screaming past you at top speed. Every petrol head will appreciate the growling sound of a V8 engine revving, but it’s at the race track where the true disciples of motor muscle come to worship. There’s something primal about watching the titanic clash of fearless drivers harnessing the power of their beastly machines in the pursuit of reaching the chequered flag first.

It is said that motor racing started as soon as the second automobile was built. This was probably inevitable, since competition has always been etched into our consciousness as human beings. From the earliest times there were well documented accounts of rivalry of man against man, man against beast, and later, man against machine, and ultimately man with his machine competing against other machine operators.

It takes a special kind of person to throw a race car as fast as it can go around the tightest of corners. These daredevils are addicted to speed and adrenaline, and above all, winning. It’s their mastery over the thoroughbred racing machines that they wrangle that keeps us fascinated from one race day to the next. There is a certain kind of drama that unfolds over the course of a race season, and it’s these highs and lows, the wins and the losses, the crashes and the narrow escapes, that makes us race fans.

This website is a tribute to racing, but it is also much more than that — it’s a celebration of you, the racing fan.

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