Top Four Formula 1 Drivers in the World

Single-seat auto racing has been around for decades, and it only gets better. The thrilling sport draws the attention of millions of people from all over the world. The racers, with their zeal and fearlessness, are admired by many racing enthusiasts. Interested in knowing some of the best formula one drivers that the world has seen? Below are the top four. You can head to Unibet for more info and odds on Formula 1.

Ayrton Senna

Senna was one of the fastest racers ever to live, and he won three Formula One Championships during his career. The final race that he participated in was in the 1993 Australian Grand Prix. Unfortunately, a tragic road accident claimed his life in 1994.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has 84 career wins so far, with six Formula One Championships. Apart from being one of the most exceptional racers in Formula-1 history, the British driver has also raced in for ART Grand Prix, Manor Motorsport and ASM Formule 3. He has received several awards throughout his successful racing career, including the Autosport International Racing Driver Award.

Jackie Stewart

With three Formula One Championships, there is no doubt that Stewart, who also goes by the nickname the ‘Flying Scot’, is very enthusiastic about auto racing. He has had 27 wins in his entire career, 360 career points as well as seventeen pole points, having been ranked as number five in 2009’s list of the greatest formula one racers.

Alain Prost

Prost takes pride in his four Formula One Championship wins. The last title that the retired French auto racer won was the German Grand Prix in 1993, the same year when he told the world that he was retiring, marking an end to his outstanding 13-year long career. Prost is also known for being an excellent TV pundit for TF1, a popular French TV channel, and as a PR expert for Groupe Renault, a French automobile manufacturer.